How to Use Kinemaster Like A Pro In 2024

Kinemaster is a splendid video editing app that is used on mobile phones. Peoples download the videos and make videos after that they edit videos on Kinemaster by using different tools which are already available in Kinemaster.

How to use Kinemaster is the main assist for the user to know about Kinemaster use. We are available here to tell and assist you about each step of using Kinemaster. As Kinemaster is very easy to use and access quickly.

You make multiple video clips and capture the different moments. Now you just need to be collected all these moments and important tasks in one place. You need any video editor app which is easy to use and gives access to all the features which make your video project unique and best.

What Is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is used to make your video more beautiful. You can able to download it on your device and start using video editing. This app is provided you with free and all the features free as well. You can get this from the Google Play Store for free where you see millions of people had Download Free Kinemaster with unlimited features.

Kinemaster is an Android app that is also compatible with MAC and other Windows systems but firstly you need an accumulator which is used for running Android apps onto your Windows same as the smartphone manners.

Features For Use Of Kinemaster

Many features are already set and inserted into your Kinemaster app. You just use them and apply them to your video while editing. All these features are free and incredible for making your video project beautiful. Because this tool is used as Job, which is also called Job Tool Video Editor App.

  • Landing Screen
  • No Ads
  • Control Bar
  • Media Miracle
  • Timeline
  • Chrome Key
  • Editing Workflow
  • High Resolution
  • Wonderful Graphics
  • Add Text and Handwriting
  • New Project Developer
  • No Water Mark

Why Important To Know The Use Of Kinemaster

The people download this Kinemaster for video editing. They just know about Kinemaster, that this is a super video editing app. But they all are not known about its use. So, without knowing it using the method it becomes useless for you. So, we tell you about its worth and become useful for you

Kinemaster is a super video editor app which has all the tools and features you need to create and edit your project video perfectly and beautifully. You can use all these videos on your social media accounts, YouTube, Blogging, Advertisement, Company projects, Personal use, and many more.

How To Easily Generate Videos With Kinemaster, Step By Step

Kinemaster is a professional video editing app. This is free to use and get from Google Play Store. Very easy to use and apply all the features and methods on video.

Let’s see all the steps of using this app.

  • Firstly, you open the Kinemaster app. Click on the new project tab.
  • Choose the Resolution from the pop-up tab. 
  • From your Kinemaster right side media button and control buttons show.
  • Simply click on the videos button and find your desired videos.
  • All the selected videos are shown on your video record screen.
  • Then you put the features and tools according to your need and desires such as layer, clipping, trim, add text, add handwriting, and all those which you needed.

For Putting Text

  • You can click on the text button from the right sidebar. Add text and change the color, Font, Animation, and text size, and set it on video. 

Add Effects, Stickers, and Layers

  • From the right-side media buttons, you can select the effects and layers and put them on your video.
  • Select the stickers according to the video math and fix them on video. You may also change these effects stickers and other media for instance preview.

Add And Set The Sound And Other Audio Media

  • In addition, set and add the sound and audio. You may need to click, for sound  on the sound add button.
  • You can add the song and choose the song from your playlist and set the volume as well.
  • Add your voice by clicking the “+” icon while editing the video. And set the audio and voice level. Whether it may be fast or slow, it’s up to you.
  • Add Professional Background
  • Select the video clip where you want to insert the background.
  • Then select the video or pictures band any other animation which you want to put in a background.
  • From the right side, select the background style then the background.
  • Background option will be a popup on to your screen and you will be able to put on your video.

Transition Setup

  • Whenever you feel to move and change the clip before and after. You just click on the “+” icon and select the transition style and then transition. 
  • Select the clip and move on its side where you want to adjust this.
  • From the left, you can select the scissor, trim, and clipping tools and use them by just clicking on them and adjusting the video via using all.

Select the Share Icon

  • You must choose the select icon from the left side and select the Resolution.
  • When you select and adjust all the features which you needed in video editing you must execute this video editor process.
  • Export your video for final output.
  • After that, you will be able to save and store this editing video in your system and mobile phone storage as well.

Final Words

Kinemaster is a professional amazing video editor app. Which is used in your android cell phones and easy to access and use as well. We tell you and guide you each step of use of Kinemaster. Step by step tells all the features place and their icon. You can read all the articles to know about how all the features will be applied to your video for making it professional.

You people easily get and know the ways of inserting their features and tools as well. Very easy to get and find features then insert and apply them on the video also very easy. All the users can use this app easily for their professional project, study project, presentation project, company project, Instagram use, YouTube video, and all type of video use you can get in the best way.