Using KineMaster To Edit Videos for Pinterest: Best Practices

Video editing is one of the most prominent best practices for making your pins a work of art. You can see the magic of more conversions by converting a simple video into a full-blown reel. 

For Pinterest, there are many noticeable editing programs, but whether all of them are compatible or not is another mess. KineMaster allows you to cater to a variety of video formats and exciting transitions. 

Why KineMaster? 

KineMaster is compatible across diverse operating systems, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You don’t need the hassle of setting up a separate PC for creating regular content. It makes it happen on the go with your mobile phone! 

Not only does it support creative dimensions for editing pins for your brand or influencer profile, but it also analyzes the system compatibility against particular editing features. 

All in all, KineMaster hosts everything that you need to laminate your content, including a suite of royalty-free music for Pinterest videos. 

10 Pinterest Video Editing: Best Practices 

To make the best use of KineMaster’s amazing editing features, here are the 10 basic best practices to consider today: 

Inspiring Pins

The videos must have catchy content ideas with sufficient pop of color and framing to inspire the audience to remember the message for longer. Make the pins more impactful with the right content display. 

Add Engaging Context

The pin thumbnail and captions must relate to and compliment the story told in the video. It makes the reels more discoverable and engaging for the audience. It encourages viewers to save pins! 

The captions and titles must possess the optimal characters to enhance visibility and make pins easily discoverable. The addition of links must look natural and be active on clicks, ensuring their firm relatability to the topic. 

Image Sizing and Quality

For an impactful content view, always place pins in vertical alignment at a higher resolution. A 2:3 aspect ratio is commendable for an interactive pin, keeping in mind that users prefer the mobile version. 

Text Overlay and Titles

Text overlays on the videos are a good way to convey information in a precise and seamless way. Keeping the text concise, informative, and in catchy fonts will do the job for you. 

Pin Cover

Hook the audience with appealing graphics as pin covers. It only takes a glance from a viewer to pause or save the pin and watch it till the end! 


Creating pins for brand advertising is a great idea until you’ve added all the necessary ingredients. Adding a brand logo, color schemes, specific font styles, and element styling is all you need for a high-performing Pinterest Video. 

Idea Ads

Idea ads are the latest addition to advertising pins. It’s basically a simple ad with a compelling idea that brings you more viewers. It can be utilized as a story or any original content. 


A call to action is the essence of any online video made for gathering viewers or seeking conversions for your brand.  

Create Pin Boards

Create relevant pin boards for the videos and images to help people explore any topic easily. A higher ranking is all you’ll get from this strategy. 
Moreover, with KineMaster, you can easily transform a basic video with no sound into a trending pin. You can also use Pinterest video downloader to save ideas for inspiration!